Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pen And Marker Drawings - 5 Basic Steps How To Draw With A Black Pen Or Marker

Beginners love to draw with pen and markers. When you start to learn how to draw and you see you are already comfortable using the pencil and eraser, it is time to go ahead and add pen and markers to your drawings. It is easy because you don't have the colors to worry about mixing them yet, you just have one color - black, and one material - pen or marker.

Drawing with pen and marker is a very broad subject and it is difficult to cover up everything in one article, I will mention the basic steps so you can immediately start with these drawing materials. Now you can add tones, shadows and texture to your drawing to make them look real. I recommend you experiment with different pen nibs, styles and methods to decide what you like best. Try out your favourite pens in your scrapbook before you start on your drawing.

The 5 basic steps how to draw with pen and marker. I will explain each step shortly later in this article.

Draw the picture you want.
Erase all extra lines and leave only the outlines.
Go over the pencil drawing with a black pen or marker.
Add texture to the drawing.
Add tones for lighter and darker areas.
Draw the picture you want-when you draw, make sure your lines are gentle and light, don't overdo and don't add pressure to the pencil while you draw. Keep it clear.

Erasing - clean up your drawing using a good clean eraser. If your eraser is dirty it may leave a grey color where you used the eraser so clean it before using. Erase all extra lines and leave only the outlines. I must mention that erasing the pencil marks after you added the pen or marker can ruin your drawing.

Go over your drawing with your pen - make your lines even and give it a nice flow. It is time to relax and have fun! - don't feel nervous about it. It's just a drawing. There is no absolute way to do it and you can always make another one.

Add texture to the drawing - according to the surface of the object you are drawing you are trying to describe the texture if it is smooth, bumpy, rough, like wood etc. Use a variety of strokes. Some of the common pen and marker drawing strokes are hitch-hatching, cross-hatching, dotting and scribbling too. You may study different strokes first in your scrapbook before you use it on your drawing.

Add tones and shading to your drawing - these are techniques to add lighter and darker values of the black to show the form of the object you drew. there are light, medium and dark tones. The shading shows where the source of light is coming from. If the light is coming from the top left so you need to add shading to the opposite sides - the bottom right.

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